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Android : Enable S-Force 3D on Xperia M2

Assalamualaikum :o

This tutorial will let you enable the S-Force 3D for Xperia M2 (4.4.4) and its for speaker mode only.
to the point
I assumed you guys all already know how to compile and decompile .apk, rooted and deodex thing.

1. Decompile ur deodexed settings.apk (I use Advanced APK manager for de/recompile *not recommended* and kamome tool for deodex)
2. Open folder res/xml/ and find somc_add_sound_settings.xml then open by text editor like notepad++ and find this line

<intent android:action="com.sonymobile.audioeffect.intent.action.XLOUD_REQUEST" />

then below it
Add this line

     <com.sonymobile.settings.preference.CheckBoxPreference android:key="sforce3d" android:defaultValue="false" settings:dependOnSystemProperty="ro.somc.sforce.supported" settings:before="first" settings:hasMetaData="true" settings:valueOfSettingsSystem="com.sonymobile…

Android : Fix Illumination Bar on Xperia M2

Assalamualaikum :o

Is there any of you got same problem with xperia m2 led bar(not blinking/no bright/totally dead) after upgrading ur 4.3 JB to 4.4.2-4.4.4 KitKat ?here's how to fix the led bar/illumination bar
First, open your sim card slot, find the reset button or find OFF 's text that should be written there.
Then, use a needle to press it and hold it about 10 secs+ and turn on your XM2.
Last, test it by opening any photos in your album app/play a song walkman.

Work on my m2 dual and m2 lte.
thanks to newoo