Android : GT-S5570i Supported Kernel for CyanogenMod 7 [Updated]

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Do a full backup first
I'm Not Responsible For Any Damage Happens To Your Phone

2 kernel below are used for CM rom
Updated 29-04-2013
Cyanus Kernel
by Mr. viet/Bigzer Hp aka Kissingmylove

Cyanus 1.8 (flashable zip)
Format your file system to ext4 to boot, go to ->
Compatible with sgy roms (focused on CM)
Set CPU,i/o scheduler built-in (Guide)
CM7/9 support
4 freq 104,312,624,832
7 govs - 5 i/o scheduler
Zram, swap
Add touch CWM(tks to maroc for compiling this CWM)
Ext4 based
Boot psycho CM7 (many bugs: camera,wifi...) WARNING! NOT RECOMMENDED!


[Updated 07-02-2013]
Shiina97 Kernel 
by me

Shiina97 build #4
*Changelog #4
- Fix I/O bugs on some rom (ex: JPlus v2, JBlast v3.0.3, Simply Young, S5570IXILG1 Android 2.3.6)
- Support VPN, Droidwall, CIFS
- Bugs on reading deepsleep, 312 - 832 Mhz frequencies via cpu states (not patched with Galaxy Young bcm kernel patch)

Shiina97 build #11

Features #11:
Support CM7
- Support Swap
- Support init.d (some rom not work with this, will fix it asap)
- Stock freq.
- Stock Governors is activated ( some rom may not work with this)
- Stock I/O is activated ( some rom may not work with this )
- Built in using @xda hell lock & Cyanus ramdisk 

* Shiina kernel doesnt have any modules, depending on the rom.

Use odin v1.84/85/87
Put the tar file in pda section.

Hell Lock
Imron Rosdiana
Irfan Bagus
Mr. viet
Indonesian Galaxy Y Developer
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