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Android : GT-S5570i Kernel - Cor Plenus v2.x.x [Updated]

Do It At Your Own Risk Do'A Full Backup First I Am Not Responsible For Any Damage Happens To Your Phone ======================================================================== Cor Plenus™ v2.1.x Kernel by Michelasso
Basic Features: Based on the source code of the kernel stock XILG1 Calibrating the batteryScripts in /etc/init.d run at boot time Ext4 Support for zRAM netfilter for applications of firewall (DroidWall) Support for swap partitions 4 frequencies: 312, 468, 624, 832MHz. Each with its own specific voltage Undervolting dynamic. To set it up you can use the following tools:  - Script / etc/init.d/92setUV: is edited with root permissions, and selected one of three possible configurations  - Voltage Control: A free application that you can download from here - SetCPU : Application beliefs now known to all. Version 3 is a fee or you can find v2 in XDA 16 CPU governor &  6 I/O Scheduler :  Lagfree, …