Android : GT-S5570i Kernel - Cor Plenus v2.x.x [Updated]

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Cor Plenus™ v2.1.x
Kernel by Michelasso

Basic Features:
  • Based on the source code of the kernel stock XILG1 
  • Calibrating the battery
  • Scripts in /etc/init.d run at boot time 
  • Ext4 
  • Support for zRAM 
  • netfilter for applications of firewall (DroidWall) 
  • Support for swap partitions 
  • 4 frequencies: 312, 468, 624, 832MHz. Each with its own specific voltage 
  • Undervolting dynamic. To set it up you can use the following tools: 
    - Script / etc/init.d/92setUV: is edited with root permissions, and selected one of three possible configurations 
    - Voltage Control: A free application that you can download from here 
    - SetCPU : Application beliefs now known to all. Version 3 is a fee or you can find v2 in XDA
  • 16 CPU governor &  6 I/O Scheduler :  Lagfree, interactiveX, smartassV2, interactive, conservative, ondemand, userspace, powersave, bcm21553, minmax, scary, ondemandx, smartass, lionheart, lazy, performance
    • Governor optimized for available frequencies
    • bcm21533 uses the minimum frequency (156Mhz)
    • 10 msec, the minimum time of updating of frequencies in the governor that support it
    • I/O Scheduler: noop, deadline, CFQ, BFQ, vr, sio
  • Reconfiguration of the modules of the SD card to reduce wakelock
  • Disable the IPv6 protocol (not used by any application Gingerbread)
  • Off the Network File System (unused in any way)
Package Features (.zip):
  • Rooted with SuperSU, sqlite3, busybox 1.20.2 
  • Is first performed unrooting to install 
  • Applet of busybox already configured in / system / xbin 
  • New ringtones and audio notifications 
  • All ringtones and notifications have increased volume 
  • Switch on the screen with the home button or Volume Up (great for GO Locker!) 
  • Bash 4.1.11 included and configured 
  • Various Unix commands added for using the shell 
  • Includes S2SD : No more problems with memory full! Click here for a guide . should be partitioned the SD card. Then the script will do everything automatically. 
  • Scripts in / etc / init.d optimization for the management of RAM and file system and SQL DB 
  • Scripts in / etc / init.d for the management of Governor CPU and I / O Scheduler 
  • e2fsck and tune2fs in the RAM disk kernel to repair the ext file system at boot time 
  • Allows the customization of the boot animation. This can change it using this application 
  • New boot animation ICS like 
  • Removes bloatware QuickOffice, MTV and Samsung Apps to make room for new ringtones 
  • It 'self contained. Because it includes all standard modules you can install any ROM for the Next Turbo 
  • Includes dynamic libraries for HW modules of the Next Turbo. Should run the ROM Galaxy Y 
  • It 'install from stock recovery
Download :
Cor Plenus v2.1.6 (Latest) here
Cor Plenus v2.1.5 (Stable) here

~ Changelog ~
  • Support for zRAM!
  • zRAM abiliata is the default in the script / etc/init.d/07setvm
  • Reintroduced in the form of log Netfilter
  • New CPU Governor: minmax, scary, ondemandx, smartass, lionheart, lazy
  • The governor is set as the default minmax from / etc/init.d/93CPUgovernor. Otherwise it is bcm21553
  • Adjust the frequencies of the bus "AHB" and "AHB fast" to constant values
  • SuperSU v0.98
  • New boot animation in 2 steps with android waiting
  • The current kernel is still based on the codes of my v2.1.x you love most. 


  • Download the zip file 
  • Transfer it to the SD card 
  • Reboot into stock recovery 
  • Install 
  • If it does not work it is best to flash the stock ROM XILG1 and repeat the process.
This kernel has integrated with S2SD script, like a2sd & link2sd.. so before you install this kernel, please remove all script like a2sd/link2sd and clean your 2nd partition.

Using Swap

Open /system/etc/init.d/07setvm with rootex/other file-ex.
If your linux spawn is as 3rd partition, follow this 

# Enable/disable Linux swap
# swapon /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
swapoff /dev/block/mmcblk0p3

# Set swappiness
echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
Change to 

# Enable/disable Linux swap
swapon /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
# swapoff /dev/block/mmcblk0p3

# Set swappiness
echo  60 > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
Default of swappiness is 60, you can change it to values 0-100 (I'm using 95) 
and if your linux swap is as 2nd partition you just have to change the mmcblk0p3 to mmcblk0p2
I'm using 2nd partition as linux swap