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Android : GT-S5570I Custom Rom - JellyBlast V3 [Port] [ENG]

Do It At Your Own Risk Do'A Full Backup First I Am Not Responsible For Any Damage Happens To Your Phone
======================================================================== Update 25/10/2012: 
Added kernel (credit to Androidiani Forum)
-Install this kernel via CWM, so you can use partition SDcard or init.d script :)
-More go to Androidiani Forum (italian)

Main Features: All of Jellyblast V3 features on Galaxy Young (except the script init.d)With or without kernel it's no problem, if u wanna try with kernel.. use the latest px kernel/pop plus kernel, with compatible firmware.. ask before try :) With or without partition it's no problem too :)4G Signal like creeds 3.5 for pop plus (note: its only 4g icon)Known bug(s): FC on some apps like JB search, link2sd in every booting. You can remove that apps.

All file is via CWM Recovery

JP-Update 3  (Fix notification sound, fix issue-sms force close, adding So…