Android : [How To] Home Button to Wake the Screen

Do It At Your Own Risk
Do'A Full Backup First
I Am Not Responsible For Any Damage Happens To Your Phone


This guide for GT-S5570i/GT-S5360 maybe.

-Rooted phone
-File Explorer (root explorer is recommended)

- First, open the root explorer.. go to system/usr/keylayout and tap the Mount R/W box at top right Root Explorer until it changed to Mount R/O
- Next, search the file named  sec_keypad.kl and tap/longpress that file, select open with text editor (scroll down)
- You will see this line

key 102   HOME            
key 139   MENU              
key 107   POWER             WAKE
key 115   VOLUME_UP
key 114   VOLUME_DOWN

- Now, add WAKE beside HOME and VOLUME_UP, like this

key 102   HOME WAKE

key 139   MENU              

key 107   POWER             WAKE

key 115   VOLUME_UP WAKE
key 114   VOLUME_DOWN

- Save changes, and reboot.. it's work for me

That's all, sorry for my bad english 
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