Android : [How To] Split a Onepackage Firmware to Fullpackage Firmware

Now, I'll share to you how to split a onepack firmware(xx.dll file and .tar.md5 file) to fullpack (PDA, Phone, CSC file without Bootloader file).
This is for Windows users only
This is for GT-S5570I aka Galaxy Pop Plus and GT-S5360 aka Galaxy Young
This tutorial is only for splitting Samsung Firmware file from


  1. First download this file
extract to your dekstop (you can see a folder named "Odintrix" after extracting that file.

  • Extract onepackage firmware file from sammobile, then copy/move file xxx.tar.md5 to Odintrix folder on your desktop.

  • Execute runme.bat in Odintrix folder, now u can see a name of firmware file xxx.tar.md5 in command prompt, press any key if the firmware file name same with file xxx.tar.md5 that you moved/copied before to Odintrix folder (step 2)
  • Wait until finished, it will take a few hours (I'm using a splitfus to splitting a onepack firmware, and that is only takes 5 minutes, but you must have the cygwin on your windows os )
  • When done, open odintrix folder and open output folder, there is 4 file, that is: CSC-blabla.tar.md5
    1 file again is the firmware onepack -> xxx.tar.md5
  • Instalation/Flashing:
    • Open Odin Flasher (not odin multi downloader)
    • Take 3 file in the output folder (CSC, Phone, PDA)
    • PDA=PDA-blabla.tar
    • Phone=Phone-blabla.tar
    • CSC= CSC-blabla.tar
    • Flash/Start without pitfile & bootloader (don't tick re-partition)
    Tested with onepack firmware GT-S5570I a.k.a Galaxy Mini Plus/Pop Plus/Next Turbo (I'm going crazy because seeing all names of the GT-S5570I )

    *) You Have Ubuntu? Go to here : ) Indonesian only

    Do/Flash It At Your Own Risk
    Don't worry, It's work

    That's All~ Sorry for my bad english
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