Android : GT-S5570I Kernel - PX Kernel-20120728 by Phiexz


Great, sekarang kayanya bakal ada developer baru untuk Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus/Mini Plus/Next Turbo kita :D
Dan kayanya developer kita yg 1 ini udah berpengalaman, websitenya bisa dilihat disini <~ Indonesian Developer

His reason untuk jadi developer galaxy pop plus/mini plus/next turbo :
"But now, i think i'll drop that phone (galyoung) from my web & add new Galaxy pop plus (GT-S5570I). It have similar hardware and also my younger sister have this phone (lol).
i think, i'll provide this phone with px-kernel, px-recovery and cyanogenmod (maybe if i had many time)."

Haha so lucky :D

Here it is ~
Some Feature:
  • Small kernel size, use LZMA Compression on kernel & Ramdisk.
  • Add ext4 support & ability to mount ext2/ext3 as ext4
  • Swap support
  • Network FS & CIFS (Windows Sharing) support
  • VPN (Tunneling) support
  • Droidwall support
  • More i/o schedule (CFQ, BFQ, VR, SIO)
  • More Cpufreq drivers (SmartassV2, MinMax, Interactive, InteractiveX, Userspace, Ondemand, Conservative, Lagfree)
  • Use SmartassV2 for cpufreq & Sio for scheduler by default
  • Export Cpu scalling to /sys (Some application read cpu scalling from /sys)
  • More cpufreq table (104, 312, 624, 832)Mhz credits to irfanbagus & MarcoToo
  • Minticks & Sampling Latency Multiplier support
  • Gameport support
  • Preinstalled busybox
  • prerooted (Automatic Root)
  • Init.d Support
  • a2sd & link2sd should be supported. but not tested by me. please test it
  • Bootanimation support
  • Many tweak on kernel space, for better performance & less Memory
  • And more
Known Bug:
Cant mount ext4 partition, i also dont know why. please test it. but you can format your 2nd partition to ext2 and mount as ext4FS
Please help him to fix ext4 bug, source can be found HERE

Do it at your own risk
Do a full backup with Cwm recovery before you try this

Cara Install :
Install this kernel via CWM 
-Taruh si CWM Update NB dan PX kernel yg udah didownload ke Sdcard diluar folder
-Masuk Recovery Stocknya galaxy pop plus/mini plus/next turbo *gak.tau.googling.aja.ya* --> lalu apply update from sdcard pilih CWM Update tadi, disitu agan udah masuk CWM Alpha
-Pilih menu install zip from sdcard -> choose from sdcard -> Px kernel .zip
-Tunggu aja sampe keluar bootanim android biru dengan perut berisi gears :D

Tested on:
-Stock Firmware S5570IDXLF2 ~ Region Indonesia

Failed on:
-Stock Firmware S5570IDXLE1 ~ Region Indonesia

Download PX Kernel
Please, don't mirror the kernel link
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