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Android : GT-S5570I Custom Rom - JellyBlast V3 [Port] [ID]

| Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012
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Do It At Your Own Risk
Do'A Full Backup First
I Am Not Responsible For Any Damage Happens To Your Phone
Update 25/10/2012: 

  • Custom kernel http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?8gxgb57cvws319d (credit to Androidiani Forum)
    -Install this kernel via CWM, jadi bagi yang pengen pake partisi SDcard, init.d script atau swap, bisa pake kernel ini :)
    untuk fitur, selebihnya di
    Androidiani Forum (italian)

Main Features:
  • Hampir semua JellyBlast V3 fitur di Galaxy Young
  • 4G Signal like creeds 3.5 for pop plus
Known bug(s):
  • Force close di Link2sd apps, sama JB Searchnya.. uninstall aja tuh apps.


All file is flashable.zip via CWM Recovery

JP-Update 3 
(Fix notification sound, fix issue-sms force close, adding Sony xLouds™ Audio, Adding Cyanogen Bootanimation, etc) 
http://www.mediafire.com/?4a0ftwbo6dfnenf - Uninstall dulu DSPManager agan di bagian JellyBlast Control lewat System Application.. sehabis install ini.. wipe dalvik-cache + bootnya agak lama

JP-Update 2 
(Fix Data Network or WiFi)

For Region India - http://www.mediafire.com/?y3t9v6adfjquuqw 
For Region Asia (Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, mAl4y) - http://www.mediafire.com/?j3my32kcm03xqxj 
For Region Europe (Italy, Slovakia) - http://www.mediafire.com/?o8liig8l8boln9z

Select your region, then tell me if this update working

Download Link

JellyBlast V3 ROM

Mirror link

1. Extract .rar file ke komputer agan
2. Disana ada 2 file .zip: ROM-JPV3Port-fahmi.signed.zip sama JPV3Update1.signed.zip (optional)
3. Simpan/pindahin 2 file diatas ke sdcard agan, reboot ke cwm recovery
4. wipe data & cache partition
5. Install zip from sdcard, choose  ROM-JPV3Port-fahmi.signed.zip, tunggu terus reboot system now.
6. Bootingnya 5 menitan.
7. Welcome to JellyPlus :p
- JPV3Update1.signed.zip is optional, kalo ini diupdate, icon battre sama EPMnya berubah..
- Pake stock kernel sebelum install ini rom, install dari stock rom/custom rom bukan masalah.. tapi di rekomendasi ke stock dulu.
- Kalo sebelumnya pake a2sd/link2sd remove dulu baru instal rom ini.
  abis instal ini rom, baru deh bisa pake partisi sdcard, a2sd, dll. pake custom kernel dulu pastinya

Thanks to Allah Swt.
Ported by Fahmi Jamaludin
Posted by me too

Sumber : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1679563

All credit to:
Avijit Ghosh (Sorry not contacting you to ask for your permission about porting this rom) 
CyanogenMod (for some icon)
Creeds Developer
Forum XDA
Sista silvia [mirror link]

Android : GT-S5570I Custom Rom - JellyBlast V3 [Port] [ID]

Posted by : Fahmi Kun
Date : Jumat, Oktober 26, 2012
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Android : GT-S5570I Custom Rom - Creeds 3.5 [Port] [ID]

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Do It At Your Own Risk
Do'A Full Backup First
I Am Not Responsible For Any Damage Happens To Your Phone
Main Features:
  • Hampir semua fitur dari Creed 3.5 Galaxy Young.
  • Tanpa kernel
  • Tanpa partisi
  • ICS Theme by D.J edited for Galaxy Mini Plus by Didik nugroho and re-customized by Fahmi
  • 4G Signal
  • Analog clock widget dari CoD Rom

Known bug(s):
  • Bug di horizontal calibration (accelerometer), tapi auto rotasinya normal kok )
  • Bug di SMS Conversation, nama kontak sama pesan yg kita tulis itu numpuk, fixnya ngecilin font di settings-creedparts, atau install Stock creed font
Download Link

Pop Plus Creed 3.5 Re-Fix

Pop Plus Creed 3.5 

Red = Old version
Blue = Download yg ini
Instalasi :
  1. Nggak perlu bikin partisi ext2/3/4 di sdcard, cukup instal aja.
  2. Download custom rom file, pindahin sdcard ( Download yg fix versi dari creed 3.5 pop plus)
  3. Power off hp agan, reboot ke recovery mode (CWM), abis itu wipe data & cache
  4. Install via cwm
  5. Wipe data and cache again, reboot
  6. Kalau mau pake custom kernel, bisa kok.
  7. If u have a creed 3.5 (ported by yourself) u can use this theme Creed 3.5 ICS Theme
  Bootloop/soft brick? Coba firmware yg lain, DXLF2, XXLC3, atau IXXLD6 (not compatible with some kernel)
Kalo pernah install rom ini yg pertama (termasuk updatenya), tolong uninstall itu.. baru download+install lagi yg refix dari yg pertama.


Thanks to Allah swt.
Ported by Fahmi Jamaluddin
Posted by M. Asha Fatir

All Credit to:
Creed developer
CoD Rom ( bacanya kaya 'cod' gitu ya, mwkwkw)
ICS Theme by DJ
MiniCM7 S. Xperia Mini X10
Didik nugroho

Android : GT-S5570I Custom Rom - Creeds 3.5 [Port] [ID]

Posted by : Fahmi Kun
Date : Jumat, Oktober 26, 2012
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Android : GT-S5570I Custom Rom - Simply Pop Plus [Port] [ID]

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Do It At Your Own Risk
Do'A Full Backup First
I Am Not Responsible For Any Damage Happens To Your Phone
Updates Themes
3rd. Zello Rom Theme:

.::Cara Install::.
Download  theme file, flash/install lewat CWM Recovery

Main Features:
  • 6 Lockscreen
  • Serba Putih
  • Transparent Gallery
  • Add MIUI icon pack (ADW setting > Themes > Icon > Select LP MIUI icon pack)
  • Tanpa kernel
  • And many more..

Download :
http://www.4shared.com/zip/ApkRm-ul/Simply_Young.html - Simply Young.zip

http://www.4shared.com/zip/rwiuzI6p/fix_accelerometer.html  - Accelerometer Flashable Fix
http://www.4shared.com/zip/yhUGxacU/01_FIX_NYA.html - Gallery, Camera, Market Flashable Fix
http://www.4shared.com/zip/D-yKNBaI/font_jester_71_didix.html - Jester font by iHint, support ALAY Text lol (Unicode)

Installasi :
  1. Download cusrom file, terus pindahin sdcard
  2. Reboot hp agan, masuk recovery mode
  3. Flash rom via CWM ( where's cwm recovery for pop plus? just ask uncle google or search on my blog, okay? )
  4. Wipe data, wipe cache, reboot
  5. Tunggu < 3-5-7-9 menit
  6. Kalau udah masuk homescreen, install flashable fix CWM Recovery, 1per1:
    • Accelerometer - first
    • G,C,M Fix - 2nd
    • Jester font is optional

    Themes for Simply Young
    Download theme file, flash/install lewat CWM Recovery

    1st. Batik Theme:
    2nd. Thisthemenothaveaname:
    [Modded] Extend power menu button, tahan tombol power
    Repencis v3 notification bar
    Thanks to Allah Swt.

    Ported by Didik Nugroho
    Posted by Fahmi Jamaluddin
    Repencis Developer
    Creed Rom Developer
    Galaxy Young ROM
    Imron Rosdiana
    Riyan Karzo

Android : GT-S5570I Custom Rom - Simply Pop Plus [Port] [ID]

Posted by : Fahmi Kun
Date : Jumat, Oktober 26, 2012
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Android : GT-S5570I Custom Rom - S3POP Rom [Dev] [ID]

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Do It At Your Own Risk
Do'A Full Backup First
I Am Not Responsible For Any Damage Happens To Your Phone
Main Features:
  • Root (SU Access)
  • Deodexed
  • Zipalign
  • Init.d script support
  • SIII Themed
  • S3POP Wallpaper
  • SIII Live wallpaper
  • Transparent Walkman music player
  • Ics statusbar
  • Transparent backgrounds for settings
  • Transparent lockscreen
  • Creed Parts
  • RepencisLab (Not all feature)
  • A2sd Darktremor support
  • CRT lockscreen 
  • Status Bar Mods (Use EDT app)
  • New kernel builded
  • Adding 16 CPU Governor
  • Adding 5 i/o scheduler
  • Swap support
  • Droidwall support
Download Link

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=417278764989768&set=o.380782625276617&type=3 Installation:

  1. Download romnya+cwm kalo belum punya
  2. Copy ke hp agan, di sdcardnya
  3. Power Off hp agan
  4. Setelah mati, nyalain lagi tapi ke recovery mode (Vol. Key Up + Home Key + Power Key)
  5. Pilih Wipe Data and Wipe Cache
  6. Pilih apply update from sdcard
  7. Pilih CWM_Update_NB tadi
  8. Pilih Install zip from sdcard, Choose file, nah pilih yg si s3pop yg tadi di download
  9. Tunggu installasi, baru reboot system now
  10. Bootnya agak lama
  11. Done

For Pro User (with A2SD, Droidwall, and more):

Kernel Download link:
http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?8gxgb57cvws319d - Cor Plenus™ v2

Install Droidwall (googling)
Install SetCPU v3( googling)
Install A2SD (Partitioning your sdcard to ext2/3 first)

All Creedit to:
Imron Rosdiana (Director)
Asih Restari (Creative Design)
Repencis Developer
Creed Rom
Forum XDA
Official Group Galaxy Mini Pop Plus (GT-S5570I)

Faq. :
Q. Kenapa SIII Live wallpaper force close?
A. Buka rootex, ke system/app/ cari .apknya.. tap lagi untuk install.

Q. Kenapa waktu pake cyanogen lockscreen terus hpnya di charge malah bootloop?
A. Ini bugnya. kalo mau cash, lockscreen diganti ke yang lain

Q. Support link2sd?
A. Install aja link2sd tapi jgn install a2sd kalo udah pake link2sd, jadi di unlink dulu kalo mau pindah

*)Q&A yg pake teks bold/tebel itu penting

Add ICS/Jellybean task switcher
All credits to http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1837060 for tuts
Download file https://www.dropbox.com/s/xymqo8fw6sz6fmm/framework-res.apk
simpen di system/framework/ pake adb or rootexplorer, set permission rw-r--r-- dan reboot

Created by Imron Rosdiana
Posted by Fahmi

Android : GT-S5570I Custom Rom - S3POP Rom [Dev] [ID]

Posted by : Fahmi Kun
Date : Jumat, Oktober 26, 2012
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